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Over the years as a curious traveller of life, I have worn many hats, HR Professional, Corporate Trainer, Entrepreneur, Consultant, Mentor, Executive Coach and now a Podcast Host. Living and travelling across diverse geographies, I have gathered a wealth of unique experiences, each contributing to life lessons that have enriched my life and broadened my outlook.

During my travels to Japan, I drew inspiration from the Japanese symbol – “Enso”, a circular brushstroke embodying holistic growth and the essence of one’s innermost and authentic self. To me, it also symbolised continuous learning and the wheel of life.


Atalanta Diaries

Join me in engaging conversations with trailblazing women worldwide. Together, we explore their journeys of building influence, overcoming negative biases, making their voices heard, and claiming their rightful seats at the table. Tune in to ‘Atalanta Diaries’ my podcast, for these insightful discussions and gain inspiration from their experiences.

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